HTMLCompressor project is for sale!

The project includes the htmlcompressor engine source code (PHP / Javascript) and the web site delivered via docker images.

For more information contact me at

Please note that I do reply to all emails, so if you have not received a reply check your spam folder. This is specially problematic with gmail accounts. If you use whatsapp, add your whatsapp number including country code when contacting me.


Added: public API!

We are excited to announce the immediate availability of our free public API! Currently in beta mode.


Fixed: CSS Calc() handling

Fixed a long standing bug that improperly removed white spaces around addition and substraction operators inside calc() CSS function. Thanks to all the people who reported the issue!


Fixed: CSS at-rules handling

Fixed a bug that improperly removed white spaces around OR operators between CSS at-rule conditions.


Emails and ticket system

For some unfortunate reason, emails from our website are being blocked by email providers like, and more. Our ticket system sends an email with the ticket url and also every time there's an update. If you have not received a reply from us, it means that our email got blocked by your provider and if you did not save the ticket URL to your bookmarks, you won't see any reply.

Please whitelist the following email address to contact us and save the ticket URL when you use our contact form. We reply to all inquiries.