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Safely reduce the size of your html code, javascript and css files, make your websites load faster, reduce mobile transfer costs and optimize storage on embed systems.

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Peace of mind compression

Designed having in count the W3C standards and different browser implementations, provides a safe compression with the default settings.

Advanced controls

Choose an increased compression level, enable or disable the optimization of JavaScript, CSS, inline events, comment removal, SSI directives and much more.

Mixed languages support

Compress the client side part of your PHP scripts while preserving the server side code intact, to generate pre-optimized output from your applications.

Proudly used by

DELLOpera SoftwareThe Weather ChanneldeviantARTUniversity of Maryland
ALCADORACLEDartmouth CollegeRam NodeJVC

Easy to use Web Interface

Simply copy and paste your code, or drag a file from your computer to get the compressed version. Want to fine tune the compression? There are lots of inline documented options available!

The most versatile compressor

Compress your HTML code, but also inline JavaScript and CSS. HTML Compressor is the only service capable of compressing JavaScript code mixed with PHP and other languages. Optimize WordPress, Joomla and Drupral themes or any PHP based templates easily, and have your CMS generate pre-optimized output.

Detailed error reporting and warnings

Quickly spot any problems with your code thanks to the detailed error and warning messages, allowing you to spot problems before using your code in production.

Built with security in mind

Access our online tool via SSL encrypted connection. The compressed files are hashed and locked to your IP address to prevent casual downloads, and are automatically deleted every hour.

In code preprocessing options

Use htmlcompressor specific control commands that are executed client-side and allow to strip code blocks automatically, and perform search & replace before and after compression. Useful to remove debug variables or functions not needed for production, or simply alter variable contents.

Additional handy tools

Convert your compressed code into JavaScript and PHP variables, or validate the code before and after compression using the official W3C validator, in just one click.